Little Women (Illustrated Junior Library) - Louisa May Alcott Having seen two of the three versions of the movie, it was definitely an experiment for me to read the book now. I try not to do that but in this case in worked and I put the movie characters out of my mind (I'll discuss how well the movie did in a minute). While long, this book is excellent and a must read, for at least every girl out there. Alcott makes each one of the girls relatable and each girl has one thing or another that I wouldn't mind having myself. Alcott also makes the men in this story easy to fall in love with and makes great cases for why each man is which each girl.

My favorite version of the book is the 1994 version with Kirsten Dunst and Winona Ryder. Now, having read the book, I can see it is an excellent adaptation, which I rarely say about a movie based on a book. They always get something wrong. They did not in this movie, with the exception of changing the order of some of the events and the way that Beth dies.