I Am Hutterite: The Fascinating True Story of a Young Woman's Journey to Reclaim Her Heritage - Mary-Ann Kirkby What a fascinating book! Ms. Kirkby gives firsthand insight into a closed society. I knew very little about Hutterite life/culture except that they were an Anabaptist group similar to that of Amish and Mennonites. The only reasons I didn't give it five stars is that a)the writing was a little confusing to follow, b)non-English words weren't translated (one of my biggest pet peeves in books (yes there is a dictionary in the back but I didn't know that until I finished the book (I had the ebook)), and c)who was related to whom was extremely hard to follow. Because this is a closed society, there are many interconnected families and so there are many members of the same family connected multiple ways. Because it this, it was hard to keep track who was related to whom. However, this book is a good book and for anyone interested in Amish society, this is an interesting read to compare to them.