In the Kingdom of Men - Kim Barnes Wow... This book was bad... I do not understand why people like it. Whoever wrote the hook for it here on goodreads has some great writing skills because that's now how the book was at all. The mystery of the women washing up on shore didn't even come up until chapter 15 (of a 17 chapter book!). There were so many parts to this book that were absolutely unnecessary and basically just fluff and did nothing to add to the story. Ginny Mae seemed very superficial and I did not connect with her, nor any of the other characters like Mason, or Abdullah... The plot did not flow and it just felt like waiting and waiting for something that never happened. And let's not forget the ending... It was like the writer decided "I've had enough of this story; let's just end it completely random". Throwing her in Rome with little to no money or a way to support herself. Not only did it suck, it was also unreasonable and completely not believable. Very disappointed in this book.