Show Dog: The Charmed Life and Trying Times of a Near-Perfect Purebred - Josh Dean I'd really give this 4.9 stars because it's a REALLY good book. I was extremely skeptical as a)a handler, b)a dog lover, and c)someone who hated with a passion, Best in Show. So having USA Today calling it the print version of that horrible movie, I was really skeptical but I wanted to read it because I have handled before and wanted to see how bad it was... Turns out Dean is a decent guy who did his research (though I will say he did get a few things wrong: Missed several breeds that have three varieties, Schnauzers and Cockers being two that he missed, as well as saying John O'Hurley won Dancing With the Stars. I can go on with Dean just missing some key facts but blatantly putting that lie out there because O'Hurley is bitter about losing (which he is), is just flat out wrong and its the reason I didn't give the book five out of five). 98% of the research is well done and well planned and Mr. Dean has a clear writing style. I really enjoyed the book and Mr. Dean fully admits to a)knowing very little about dog showing and b)admits to having preconceived notions. Highly recommended though!