The Cellist of Sarajevo - Steven Galloway The book introduces you to three characters, two men and a women, as well as another man, the Cellist. Each chapter was a different character. This is one of my largest peeves with the book. I cannot stand switching characters. I've read some books where it works (The Rosetti Letter by Christi Phillips is one of them, but they're few and far between) but most of the time it doesn't. Arrow is a sniper and the other two men are men from different parts of Sarajevo. The lack of background on these characters, especially for a book about the siege of Sarajevo is annoying. Only Aarow's feelings about the siege and the reasoning behind it are even alluded to. I can't tell the ending of the book because I got so frustrated with it, I just could not finish it. I got about 60% through and just said "ENOUGH". Not only did the Galloway constantly switch between the three characters, just his overall writing style was just not there. The book didn't flow and it lacked a lot of consistency