Winter of the World - Ken Follett What can I say? Follett is a master at writing characters that you get attached too. This book continues the story from the first book but it centers in a period of history that I love. There were a couple of drawbacks for the book. One, it hard keeping track of who was related to who as many of the characters were related in some way. Second, I thought it rather strange that there is only a brief mention of the concentration camps and nothing on the German people's reaction to them (as well as the world's), which is really sad. That should have been included. Finally, it was extremely frustrating to have characters either introduced in the first book (Robert and his partner) and then have them a tiny bit in the in the first part of this book and then they just disappear... I mean I know what happens to Robert's partner but after Follett mentions Robert has moved to London, no mention of him... Or other people will just be briefly introduced and no have no mention.... I also wasn't a fan of Billy getting a major story line in the first book and then just tiny bits and pieces her. Yes, I understand this was about the second generation but it would have been nice to update the reader so to speak. Overall I did enjoy this book and I look forward to reading the last installment