The Inquisitor's Key - Jefferson Bass I enjoyed this book, but not as much as some of Bass's other works... This book felt, at least in the beginning, rushed. I found it quiet annoying that Isabelle get's a one line mention that she's dead from the Japan Tsunami, when some of the previous book was spent wondering if she was carrying Dr. B's child... It was just so random and and seemed like a cop-out to get rid of her. While this is now the third book I've read detailing the papacy at Avignon, its not the best, as much as I hate to say it. I do like the fact that Bass focused on a small part of that history rather than the Templars (which the other two books did) and their dealings with the papacy there. But something still felt missing from this book... may be it was the ending in that Miranda saved Dr. B... but didn't really end it... It was a rather annoying ending.