Jennifer's Garden - Dianne Venetta to start off, I won this book off of Goodreads

Very very typical romance. It's very predictable. I really should stop reading romance novels because they make me very annoyed at times. While Venetta has a very enjoyable writing style, there were parts of the book, where characters would talk about things and they didn't make any sense because there was no back story. Or she would introduce characters without any explanation of who they were. One thing that majorly annoyed me was both the main character and her best friend would talk about Tony, especially early in the book but it took over halfway through the book to explain the whole "Tony" situation and in the end it was no big deal. From the way it was talked about in the beginning of the book, I was expecting that he raped or something more dramatic than being caught by her father. It was just so random and didn't require all the build up. There were very enjoyable parts of this book, however. The main one was the way Venetta writes descriptions, especially of her characters looks or the garden that Jackson is building for Jennifer. I could actually picture the garden.